VAAS Registration Fees

VAAS 2018 will be held at Randolph-Macon College on 2018 September 29. The registration fees are $20 regular fee and $15 for students. This can be paid

  1. By Person. Pay the Treasurer Jim Blowers.
  2. By Mail. Mail payment to Jim Blowers, Treasurer RAS*, 232 North Pinetta Drive, North Chesterfield, VA 23235.
  3. Online. You can now pay online using PayPal. Click on the appropriate "Add to Cart" buttons. This creates a new window. (If you lose this window, click "View Cart" below to bring it back up.) Then click "Secure Checkout" and provide the items that PayPal requests, including credit card information. A "shipping address" will be requested although there is nothing to ship. Please fill this in, and indicate your phone number by your name.
VAAS 2018 Regular Registration fee, $20

VAAS 2018 Student Registration Fee, $15



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