Richmond Astronomical Society Meetings

NOTE: The Board of Directors of the Richmond Astronomical Society passed a motion changing the date of the RAS meetings from the second Monday of each month to the second Tuesday. Please make note of this. The reason for this change is that due to budget restrictions, the Science Museum of Virginia, where we meet, will be closed on Mondays starting 2009 January 1.

When and Where

Meetings of the Richmond Astronomical Society begin at 7:30 PM on the second Tuesday of each month at Science Museum of Virginia , starting in 2009 January. This museum is on Broad Street NW of Richmond, and can be reached via I-95 or I-64.

Main Part of Meeting

Normally the first order of business is for the members to relate any news they have seen on an astronomical subject and explain anything they have brought in for society's attention. After this there are reports on various activities, such as the last Sky Watch, the status of the observatory, and astronomical events expected in the next month.

This is usually followed by a "Ten Minute Talk", which is a short presentation given by a club member. This can be on any subject, but usually relates to a project the presenter in working on. The short talk is followed by a 15 to 20 minute break for general discussion.

There is a handbook for members that is available online by emailing our librarian, Virginia Eckert,
at virginiaeckert at , explaining RAS monthly meetings, board, Skywatch, RAS observing sites and other information.

Program of the Month

A feature of Richmond Astronomical Society meetings is the Program of the Month. This occurs after the mid-meeting break. It usually lasts for about an hour and can be on any subject the presenter thinks will be interesting. Past topics have ranged from How to Keep Warm While Observing in the Winter, to How We Determine the Age of the Universe. On occasion the presenters have shown videos or invited in guest speakers. Members of the Board of Directors are responsible for the presentations, and usually give them, but any member of the society can give a presentation.

Programs of the Month since 1978, covering most programs of the month since that time, can be obtained by clicking the work "search".

The meeting adjourns between 9:45 and 10:00. The Board of Directors try, as much as possible, to conduct the non-astronomical business of the society at their quarterly meetings, which every member is invited to attend.

To Become a Member

Talk to any board member during an RAS activity, such as a regular meeting. The dues per year are $30. To operate the Ragland telescope, you need to be trained in it and become a staff member; if you are a staff member, that is an extra $10. In addition, members can receive discounts in subscribing to Sky and Telescope and Astronomy magazines. To apply for membership, renew membership, or subscribe to the magazines, go to the Payments Page.

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