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    Site of the Staunton River Star Party coming up in October

    Site of the Staunton River Star Party coming up in October

    The next meeting of the Richmond Astronomical Society will be on Tuesday, September 9, 7:30 PM at the Science Museum of Virginia.  Please join us for the meeting and, if you can, for dinner at Arby’s across the street from the Museum about 6:00 PM.

    Details about other upcoming events are here and on our calendar here.

    Many thanks to the astronomers and visitors we had at Friday’s skywatch.  The weather turned out to be less favorable than expected, but we were able to enjoy some great views of Saturn.



Gamma Ray Burst in Andromeda (False Alarm)

Did the Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission just find a Gamma-Ray Burst originating in Andromeda? Turns out the answer is no, but it’s still interesting.

Read more here.

Ripples in space time?

Were ripples in the fabric of space time truly discovered this past March? This is a World Science Festival live stream event, enabling you to listen to a singular conversation, among the world’s most respected pioneers in  cosmological theory and observation.

Big Bang & Brews | Science Pub RVA.

Supernova in M82!

A supernova has appeared in the Messier 82 galaxy – visible in moderate size telescopes and a well-placed imaging target.  More information here.

Supernova in M82 - imaged by Jim Browder

My New Favorite Star Party

A new blog entry has been posted about the recent Staunton River Star Party.  It was a great party!  Tell your astronomer friends.  The blog post is at this link.